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Mar7aba lovely yogis, yoginis and free spirits! Mark your calendars!

It’s that time of year again, when all are welcome to take a deep breath and reconnect with the human inside. If you’re itching for a soul-filling experience that will lift you up and set you on track for a more balanced lifestyle, this is it! Join us on September 18, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM at Pleine Nature, Mar Roukoz, for the third edition of the Beirut Yoga Festival.  

Over the last 2 years, the Beirut Yoga Festival has quickly become the meeting point for Lebanon’s community of yoga lovers, bringing together enthusiasts of all ages from all across the country. To celebrate the 3rd edition, we’ve got an even more exciting day of activities planned, to take you on a transformative and soul-awakening journey of yoga, meditation and healing.

No matter your experience level, Lebanon’s leading teachers will be there to inspire you and share their expertise with you through classes of different yoga traditions and guided meditations. Between classes, you can also dive deeper within yourself through one-on-one healing sessions with experienced practitioners or stroll through a bustling marketplace. At lunch time, gifted international musicians like Swami BB Govinda will keep you moving to enchanting kirtan tunes and chants, as you enjoy mesmerizing, colorful artworks.

This year, make sure to bring your family and kids with you too, as we have a special Family Yoga class planned to help you bond and connect with loved ones as you practice together.  

Festival tickets are available at the door for just 25,000 L.L. Proceeds will go towards helping the Lebanese Red Cross fulfill its mission of spreading peace and alleviating human suffering across the country. Participants under 12 years of age enter free of charge.

Whether you’re passionate about yoga or completely new to it, put on your most comfortable clothes, bring your positive spirit and join us at the 3rd Beirut Yoga Festival. Khod nafas…breathe in…and let go.

The BYF is proudly organized by the non-profit association NAFAS (علم وخبر رقم 1789).


Beirut Yoga Festival 2016



  • Aaed Ghanem

    Flo-tatic Yoga
  • Ahed Sboul

    Kundalini Yoga
  • Alice Mattalia

    Family Yoga
  • BB Govinda Swami

    Bhakti Yoga Kirtan
  • Danielle Abisaab

    Honey Flow Vinyasa
  • Diana Farhat

    Family Yoga
  • Hiam Nassif

    Theta Healing
  • Hisham Nasr

    Hatha Yoga
  • Jean Chaar

  • Lougal Jazzar

    Yoga Nidra
  • Mira Siblini

    Ramayana Vinyasa Flow
  • Pacale Abtour Makhlouf

    Hatha Yoga
  • Mira Saab

    Mindfulness for kids
  • Razmig Azezian

    Meditation on Twin Heart
  • Samantha Howick

    Sound of spirit
  • Silva Sarkissian-Machoulian

    Shiatsu and Reiki
  • SreeKumar

    Sivananda Yoga
  • Tracy Chamoun

    Natural Flow
  • Virginia Ghaziri

    Vibrational Healing
  • Walkabout Drum Circle

    West African Drumming
  • Art of Living

    Sun Meditation
  • Joumana Massoud


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